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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Better Screenshots in Dynamo

Currently when you want to share an image of a large Dynamo graph with other users you have a couple of options. You can zoom out and capture the whole thing but begin to lose image quality. Or, you can take several screenshots and stitch them together which isn’t great either.
The other day I was sharing a graph with a user over at the DynamoBIM forums and realized I should stretch the canvas over both monitors to capture more of the graph and then screenshot from there.

Here’s a screenshot we often see taken on one monitor.
And here’s the screenshot across both monitors.
I know it’s a simple observation, but hey it can save some frustrations until there is a proper export command.


  1. Thanks for providing the solution while we attended to other high priority items. Now that Dynamo 1.1 is released, the export workspace just works out of the box:


    Please check it out, thanks again! :)

  2. Of course! Nice work Dynamo team!