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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fun with #DynamoBIM Web Request Node

A while back on twitter there was a joke regarding the hashtag, #theresanodeforthat.

Jolstein Olsen made a joke by creating a Mother Teresa node called “TeresaNode”. This started to make me think, “What if we created a node that pulled quotes from somewhere?”.

Enter the web request node.

2015-07-29_13h54_09This node allows us to grab a website and view its source. This is pretty awesome if you see replicated info and can make it variable.

Initially I began making quote nodes from various people.


But I soon made it searchable!


What the definition basically does is get the home page of quotes for the searched individual and pulls all of the quotes. This is pulling from http://www.brainyquote.com/ by the way.

After removing some of the extra junk we can then get a random index of the list, producing a random quote.

Check out the animation and graph below and have fun! And of course this is now in Rhythm.



Another thing I thought of is this isn’t necessarily a waste of time, because this represents the power we have to read data from external resources with DynamoBIM!


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