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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Rhythm for Dynamo- Update

New update released for Rhythm.
I discuss some of the new nodes included below.

Arrowhead assigner has been updated to allow a toggle for the different options (default value is false). I have also included the option to toggle the leader for different tag types. (By request from user Kulkul kulkul at the forums) 
This request also sparked the creation of the following node. I will add tag types as I realize which ones I am forgetting.

I have also added two collector nodes. (Similar to others offered by Lunchbox)
The reason I made this is in response to this forum post. Often times I recreate functionality that utilized python and use stock Dynamo nodes instead. These two collectors are excellent examples of this.
I am sure there are a few others in there I forgot to mention at this time, will cover all of the nodes in a future post.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Dynamo- Get Level Names of Elements

Currently there is a know issue with the GetParameterValueByName node in DynamoBIM. Specifically when it comes to collecting the parameter “Level” from objects.

Often times you will want to get the level name for various reasons. In Rhythm there is a now a node that will achieve this for you.


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Revit- Reference Drafting Views

This question has come up over at Revit forums a few times and there are even paid Revit addins to achieve this functionality.
When you are in a Revit project with tons of details, referencing a view can become quite a task. Many people manually name the view with the coordinates/ sheet number appended to the front. The problem with this is if it the location changes you have to remember to update it yourself!
This is the great thing about Dynamo, we can harness all of this power and achieve this across the whole project at once.
The other important thing to point out is thanks to the awesome open source community this functionality is even easier.
*Without Andreas and Konrad’s awesome DynamoBIM packages this graph wouldn’t be as easy to achieve.
This graph simply takes the drafting views, gets their detail number/ sheet number and appends it in the front of the name separated by an underscore “_”. If they haven’t been on a sheet yet, it will then add the prefix with an underscore.
Each time you run the graph it updates this “prefix” for all of the drafting views. If they are not on a sheet it will simply name them like this.
See the video below of this graph in action. I show the blank views on a blank sheet and manipulation of the views.

And here's the graph

DynamoBIM- Remove Prior to Given Character

A question came up over at the DynamoBIM forums regarding how to remove all characters prior to a given character.
Enter String.RemovePriorToCharacter
2015-05-06_10h48_30This custom node takes the input and searches for the given character. It then removes everything from that character and before. *Note it finds the first instance of the given character and removes from there.
Get it on the package manager now.