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Monday, July 27, 2015

Post #RTCNA 2015 Rhythm Updates

After a great week at RTCNA, (both attending classes and presenting workflows) I have a couple of updates.

I attended a great class by Marcello Sgambelluri called Design Script for Dummies. He is a great presenter and really makes everything understandable to everyone.

One thing I noticed is he has a common gripe regarding the case sensitive nature of getting and setting parameters in Revit with Dynamo.

After some thought (in a dream) I realized, “Hey, we have all of the nodes to do this already!”

So now we have the ability to use this regardless of text case. See below for the graph.

2015-07-27_08h29_52This is now included in Rhythm as a single node for getting and setting parameters.

2015-07-27_09h24_46  During our presentation on Saturday, I showed how to get the percentage of glazing per wall direction using Dynamo. This is a super complicated and annoying process otherwise. (Filled Regions, Manual Calculation, Curse Words, etc) See below for one of the reactions I received.

2015-07-27_09h35_28 Luckily now I bundled this node into Rhythm for everyone to use. This does assume you use curtain walls for windows and you have your exterior walls set to “exterior” function.


This was a great conference to attend and I look forward to seeing you all at the next one!


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