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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Clearing Backup Revit Family Files with #DynamoBIM

Have you ever been creating Revit families, making edits and saving to find your directory looking like this?

imageIt can become a huge mess and is a pain to clean up. (Unless you have some programming knowledge)

This made me think, how can Dynamo help me out?

Enter the File.Delete node.

imageThis node is an out of the box Dynamo node and is super dangerous and powerful! Remember uncle Ben?

Picture1With that said I present to you the Rhythm.BackupRFADeleter

image This node takes a directory as input and a boolean to run it. After running, it shows how many files it deleted. Currently it only deletes files that end with the typical backup suffix in Revit. (Family1.0001.rfa)

imageAnd here is my nice clean directory!

imageAs always, get it on Rhythm and use with care! :)


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The poor man’s dropdown for #DynamoBIM


Dropdowns are awesome! They enable us to set options for users to toggle between. But currently in Dynamo if you want a dropdown node you are pretty limited. You basically have access to dropdowns in OOTB nodes or you can learn yourself some fancy C# programming.


I present to you, the poor man’s dropdown!

 imageBasically all I am doing is using the built in family types node with my options inserted as types of an empty detail component. The detail component is also named “!” so it is forced to the top.

imageAfter I select the option I want I get the name (as a string) and tie that into my data! IN this example a wall’s mark parameter.


The downside is I can then assign any loaded family type as well. But if we stick to the “!” area we are good. Hacky? Yes. Exciting? Definitely!

Have fun!


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

#DynamoBIM 0.8.2 is awesome


Yesterday I downloaded the brand new, hot off the press Dynamo version 0.8.2!

Once again the team has managed to pump all kinds of great content into the newest release. Here are a few of my favorites.


This new feature enables us to converts our nodes in our graph to design script code with two clicks. (Right click> node2code) It’s super robust too, check it out below on my Percent Glazing by Orientation node!


Manage Nodes and Package Paths (Localized Packages)

This is a huge addition. Not only can we keep proprietary content inside our network we can now “deploy” needed packages to all of our users.

I see the deploy option being a huge benefit in itself because I believe sharing is what makes this community so awesome.

2015-09-01_07h39_59 2015-09-01_07h41_38

That being said, my office now has an internal package for some workflows that I don’t see being useful to everyone. Now Rhythm has some Rhyme as well :)

image Also here’s a screenshot of what I am deploying to all of our users. All great packages to have!


In canvas search (an oldie but goodie)

The release notes say in canvas search was added, but it was in 0.8.1? Either way it is still as amazing as it was before!


That’s it for now. Currently I have a few things I am working on to share very soon. Until then, everyone go download the new version of Dynamo and have fun!