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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Revit- Select All Structural Framing at Reference Level

A question came up on the DynamoBIM forums the other day about how to select all framing at a level. Framing is a little weird, so I came up with this node that lets you select all framing at a giving Reference level.
It is now available on Rhythm.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Autodesk Vasari 2010-2015

Now the time has come to say goodbye to a dear friend.
Autodesk Vasari has paved the path for several new pieces software and it seems to have run it’s course. http://autodeskvasari.com/forum/topics/important-message-about-the-vasari-timeout-on-may-31-2015
Autodesk Vasari, we will always think of you when using DynamoBIM or any of the other software you helped generate.

R.I.P - Autodesk Vasari - 2010-2015 - Appreciated by the masses. Parent of many.

Monday, April 13, 2015

DynamoBIM – All Elements of Category at Level

Thought this is worth sharing. This is yet another fine example of why DynamoBIM is great for daily use.
Over at the Dynamo forums a user wanted to select all elements of a certain category at a certain level.
This is not only where DynamoBIM saves the day, but Andreas Dieckmann and his clockwork package as well!
See below for a fine example of achieving this simple task.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Viewport Graphic Scales and Dash Remover

I have previously discussed my graph that removes dashes from sheets at the following link. http://sixtysecondrevit.blogspot.com/2015/02/dynamo-removing-character-across-entire_25.html 

I won’t re-cover what that graph does but what is important is now it is a Rhythm tool. (#3)

More importantly, let’s discuss Graphic scales on sheets in Revit. Typically this is a manual process where we place a graphic scale per view. (sometimes all views)

The problem is Revit teases us with this delightful bit of information:

2015-04-08_14h47_27 As you can see this is the scale factor of our view, but it is grayed out and basically unusable in Revit.

Time to use our keyboard shortcut and activate Dynamo for Rhythm tool #4!

Below I illustrate how my new tool on Rhythm works. But there are a few things to do first.

  1. Use my Drawing title included in the package
  2. Add the shared parameters included to your project to the views category. (Do’t worry these are hidden parameters that know one will ever know about, it’s our secret)
  3. Name your viewports with the graphic scale showing to contain the words “Graphic Scale”
  4. If in a work shared model, it is best to do this with no one else in the model because it does it for all views.

In the video below I show the parameters being unusable, how to add the parameters and finally how to use the tool.

*Note: you will not see the parameters, but trust me they are there.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Uppercase Tools for Revit

Currently there are a few paid add ins out there that can provide text case options for your Revit model.

The items they are able to control are:

  • Text
  • Level Names
  • Room Names
  • Sheet Names
  • View Names (title on sheet)

This is very important because the typical standard is to use all caps for documents.

Dynamo is able to do this very well and that is Rhythm tool #2.

In the video I show all of the items it can change before and after. The inputs for on/off is simply a Boolean (true for on/false for off)

See below for this tool in action.

Revit- Renaming Views with Special Characters

Recently a coworker of mine discovered a weird glitch with Revit. It pertained to view naming.

If you have ever tried to rename a view with the following characters, \:{}[]|;<>? or any non printable characters. Your promptly receive this error.

2015-04-07_08h37_03 He discovered that this restriction does not exist when creating a new drafting view, but has a major issue when involving the <>

I illustrate the issue below. (Just so you all know, I have sent the error previously as well.)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Assign Arrowheads Across Whole Revit Project

Every now and then I will jump into a developed model and notice that users have created custom text types or keynote tags, Often times these text types and keynote tags will not be using the standard arrowhead type we use at our company.
There are several reasons this could happen,(copying details, to add something to the keynote tag, different text style, etc).
In Revit, the arrowhead style is a type parameter which is both a good and bad thing. If you have a very developed model with a bunch of different types, this could take what seems like forever.
Thankfully we have Dynamo to save us. See below for a video of the first Rhythm tool in action.

In the video I illustrate that all the text and keynotes are different types. Select the types to exclude (important if you need specific arrowhead types), and select the arrowhead type for Dynamo to apply after it selects all of them for the whole model.


Rhythm.Tools for DynamoBIM

This week I will have a few posts regarding some new tool nodes for DynamoBIM. These tools have a heavy focus on documentation tasks and will be presented to 505BUG on Thursday.

Here are the tools I will be explaining over the next few days.

2015-04-06_07h43_47Arrowhead Assigner


Upper Case Text for Everything


Sheet Dash Remover (previously discussed here)


Automate your graphic scale on viewports!

stay tuned..

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

ʎɐp slooɟ lᴉɹdɐ

In the spirit of today, I published a new node in Rhythm called String.FlipReverse.

This node will take strings as input and make them appear upside down. This works best on Dynamo 0.8.0 because they added unicode support with this release. It also doesn’t function for every punctuation character at this point.


You can find this on the package manager, and below is an animation showing it in action as well. 


Have fun!