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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Revit- Renaming Views with Special Characters

Recently a coworker of mine discovered a weird glitch with Revit. It pertained to view naming.

If you have ever tried to rename a view with the following characters, \:{}[]|;<>? or any non printable characters. Your promptly receive this error.

2015-04-07_08h37_03 He discovered that this restriction does not exist when creating a new drafting view, but has a major issue when involving the <>

I illustrate the issue below. (Just so you all know, I have sent the error previously as well.)


  1. If you're making it possible to name views with these characters just be aware that will cause problems when exporting them to some other format and these names are used to name the file...which is why Revit is trying to trap our doing it.

  2. Not making it possible. Purely demonstrating something I think is a bug. I definitely suggest that no one does this because of the reasons I showed and you mention as well. Thanks for the comment too!