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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dynamo - Removing Character Across Entire Sheet Sets *Dynamo Graph Update

I recently posted about how to remove the "-" from an entire sheet set.
Refer to this post

After looking at this some more I updated my method. The problem wit the original version was, it simply deleted the character at index 2 of the string. If you ran this more than once this can be a bit of a problem.

This is where my package for dynamo (Rhythm) comes in.

I added a node in this package called "Get Character At String's Index"

This node is meant to be used with a list.map node and enables you to do things like I have pictured above. It will return the values of the character of a string at the index you want! So now we can filter our selection by sheets that have the infamous dash at index 2 and rename those to the correct convention.


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