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Monday, March 30, 2015

Revit- Generic Annotations, Get a grip!

If you have ever worked in the family editor in Revit, you have probably became aware that all family templates and types are not created equal.

This post will specifically cover the category of generic annotation. Often times we add stretch handles to our families to allow them to flex and shape, unfortunately that is not the case with generic annotations (symbols).

If you have ever tried to copy a reference plane into a generic annotation it simply does not work. You are greeted with the following message.

2015-03-30_07h35_57After some trial and error, I have finally found the family that does allow you to copy reference planes. This is the view title family!

In the video below, I demonstrate how this process works. (Currently the grip handles only work properly in “paper space”. I believe when used in the live views it multiplies the length by the scale factor.)

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