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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dynamo- Spell Checking “Title on Sheet” in Revit

Considering we are all human and leave room for error, spell checking is very beneficial. In Revit we are thankfully allowed to check the spelling in views.

Currently there isn’t an easy way to spell check things like view names or sheet names. Here’s where our pal Dynamo comes in to help. We are able to use Dynamo to pull all of the views “Title on Sheet” parameters, write those values to excel and pump right back into Revit. This is great because now we have a path to make sure our documents continue to look professional.

Currently the graph replaces blank values with the word “blank” in order for the alignment of views to continue to function. It also relies on a few custom nodes from Rhythm.

There is a short video below sharing this process.


And the .dyn files are here if you want them. Let me know what you think in the comments

View Spell Check Part 1

View Spell Check Part 2



  1. I get the following error: Warning: Excel Write to File Operation Failed.

    Do I have to have the excel file open when I run the definition? Currently the excel file exists on my desktop.

  2. It should work without excel being open. Did you point to the excel file via the file path node?

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  5. Hey John, the scripts are no longer available under the links you have posted above. Is there any way you can update those, or re-post them? Thanks!