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Friday, February 13, 2015

Dynamo - Removing Character Across Entire Sheet Sets

There is a constant conversation at my firm currently regarding the dash in the sheet number of our sets. A good example is "AE-101". Recently, we've had buildings with numerous area plans or phasing and this adds to the callout number so we decided to eliminate the "-" in our template altogether. However, there are always the few people who still prefer the dash and add it through the duration of the project. What's the quickest way to take this dash out? For a set of 200+ drawings this can take someone a pretty significant amount of time (and frustration). I also want to note that NCS v5 states that when using the two character discipline designator the dash should be absent. http://www.nationalcadstandard.org/ncs5/pdfs/ncs5_uds1.pdf 

Here is where we look to our friend Dynamo.
The graph above grabs all of the sheets (except SKAs, this can be filtered for anything) gets the name, removes the dash and renames all of the sheets. This is done in about 2 seconds, now that's a great way to save some time! (Click the image below to see a full size animation of this in action)

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