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Friday, July 29, 2016

Hide #Revit Subcategories with #DynamoBIM

User Question: “I never want to see MEP centerlines in my Architectural model! How do I hide them everywhere?”" This includes view templates and views without view templates.”

I’m happy to say the answer is, “Yes, it is possible!” Thanks to Archi-LAB, Clockwork, and Rhythm.

See the video below of this workflow in action. There is audio on this video, so be aware. :)


  1. Looks good but Python script is needed to make it work...

    1. " but Python script is needed to make it work..." And? What does that mean exactly? Python is simply a means to access the Revit API through Dynamo. The great thing about Dynamo is, if something doesn't exist that you want, you can try to create it yourself. The old options include; ask the Dynamo team nicely, ask Harry Mattison nicely, or hope that Autodesk bundles the new features into a new release.

    2. Hi John

      Your routine looks great and very useful. I started to recreate the Graph from your screencast then realised that it doesn't show the Python Script part therefore I can't get it to work...maybe I'm missing something?


    3. This Harry Mattison character sounds interesting. It would be great to plead with him for a Lua script option in Dynamo to help Stingray users....

  2. Yes, the python is missing. I will be uploading this as a custom node in Rhythm. I wanted to clean it up a bit though. Also Harry can be reached at BoostYourBIM.