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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

3D Room Tags with #DynamoBIM

This question came up on the DynamoBIM forums recently.
Thankfully our friend Dynamo is here to help!
First we collect the rooms and figure out the center of them. Then we place a generic model as a 3d room tag. Lastly, we assign the values from the rooms.
See the video below of this in action.

*Edit- Received some question as to where the room tag family is.
It's in the package folder. Simply copy the link below into windows explorer and you will see the family .


  1. John,

    I tried out your 3D room tag node this weekend and have a couple of issues with it. The first is that the room number is placed after the room name. I have tried to tweak your node but I can't seem to get it to stop adding the room number. The other issue is the new version of the node there is a phase input. I set it to tag only new but it seems to tag everything in the existing phase as well. So it seems that the filter for phasing in the node isn't functioning.

    Do you have time to look into this?


    1. Send me an email with any sample files and I can take a look. Sixtysecondrevit@gmail.com