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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Revit- Reference Drafting Views

This question has come up over at Revit forums a few times and there are even paid Revit addins to achieve this functionality.
When you are in a Revit project with tons of details, referencing a view can become quite a task. Many people manually name the view with the coordinates/ sheet number appended to the front. The problem with this is if it the location changes you have to remember to update it yourself!
This is the great thing about Dynamo, we can harness all of this power and achieve this across the whole project at once.
The other important thing to point out is thanks to the awesome open source community this functionality is even easier.
*Without Andreas and Konrad’s awesome DynamoBIM packages this graph wouldn’t be as easy to achieve.
This graph simply takes the drafting views, gets their detail number/ sheet number and appends it in the front of the name separated by an underscore “_”. If they haven’t been on a sheet yet, it will then add the prefix with an underscore.
Each time you run the graph it updates this “prefix” for all of the drafting views. If they are not on a sheet it will simply name them like this.
See the video below of this graph in action. I show the blank views on a blank sheet and manipulation of the views.

And here's the graph


  1. Hey John-

    I really appreciate the power of Dynamo and the work of all other contributors to this community. The code that you developed is very useful for me and I wanted to test it right away. I have been working on Dynamo since the beginning of this year but it is very on and off. I upgraded Dynamo to version 0.8.1 and downloaded all packages. The 1st run was a success but then I can not get it to work again.... I was wondering whether I am having version incompatibility issues. I downloaded the latest version of archi-lab as well but I am afraid that I can not catch something that is updated lately. I wonder whether you can upload a newer version of this graph if you have one.


  2. If you have a screenshot of the errors it is throwing at you, I can try to rework it. Currently it is functioning on my machine and Dynamo 0.8.2