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Monday, May 9, 2016

Aligning #Revit Views Across Sheets with #DynamoBIM

On Friday I posted a quick video demonstrating how to align views based on a “host” view in Revit with Dynamo. That video can be found below.


Initially, I didn’t realize I would have such a positive reaction to this video so now I will do a better job describing what it does exactly. Smile

I had a user at my firm apporoach me and ask the following question, “Is there an easy way to align all of my area plans to the same postion as my first area plan? There are six total across six sheets.”

Instantly I remembered some posts regarding “box center” from Julian Benoit, so I fired up Dynamo and began to work through this scenario.

Considering the individual used the phrase “same postion as my first area plan”, I knew I had to make the selection specific rather than collecting all viewports and hoping for the best. About a month ago I posted an isolated pick selection node in Rhythm and I decided this is perfect for this scenario. (Along with List.Deconstruct)

After the user runs the Dynamo graph they are then prompted to select viewports and hit escape when done. Once that is completed Dynamo,

  1. Deconstructs the list into the first “parent” viewport and the rest of the “children” viewports.
  2. Gets the box center of the parent viewport.
  3. Cycles that location equal to the amount of children viewports.
  4. Finally, sets the box center of the children viewports.



Here is the link for the Dynamo graph discussed, remember to download Rhythm and steamnodes to get this working.

As always, let me know if you have any question and have fun!



  1. Fantastic! Easy easy easy. Thank you.

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  3. i can't get this to work :/ any reason why ? i followed the steps but no change occurred

    1. I'd need a little more info. Revit version, Dynamo version.

    2. He is using Revit 2016 and Dynamo 0.9 :)

    3. Thanks. Also, what language and did you enter a string for what your elevations are named? By default it looks for the word interior in the elevation type.