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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Rhythm Updates - 20160119

I’ve mentioned previously that I now have Rhythm on GitHub. I originally did this for me to track changes from version to version and document it all. Another nice result of this is, users are able to suggest improvements for Rhythm and make it better and more streamlined for the community.
Recently Thomas issued a few pull requests and this resulted in some really nice updates for Rhythm.
The Unicode characters I created a while back are now update to better follow naming standards. The nodes now contain prefix “Unicode”.

The Revit section of Rhythm has also been revised to adhere to the tree structure much better.

There are several more updates coming soon, but I wanted to go ahead and share the ones above and thank Thomas for the great suggestions!

Also, if anyone has any other suggestions please feel free to submit a pull request!


  1. Hi John, sorry if this is the wrong place to put this but I was having some errors with a few nodes and wanted to let you know about what I did to fix them:

    The "Select Elements by Curve" node has issues with the "Level Element Collector" node for an -Elevation- of 0. The problem was due to this 0 plugging into the -Distance- input of a "Curve.Extrude" node. I rectified it with an "If" node looking to see if the -Elevation- was 0 and if so then adding 1 to it. Also, the two BoundingBox nodes were causing problems, so I routed the "Rhythm.Toggle" -In- output into the "Ayuda.ThisOrThat" -Item 2- input that they were going into, and it solved the remaining issues. Will this cause issues later?

    Additionally, the "List.ArchitecturalAlphabeticalSequence" node in the "Rhythm.RenumberGridsByCurve" node seems to need a Boolean node connected to work properly.

    Again, sorry if this is the wrong place to let you know about this! Thanks.

  2. This is great. Thanks for letting me know! Can you go ahead and send me the modified .dyfs -> sixtysecondrevit@gmail.com