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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

#AU2015 Day [0]

The pre conference events of AU2015 are done. Woah was it a crazy day of DynamoBIM! 

The morning session kicked off with the evangelist himself, Colin McCrone. 

After that we were fortunate enough to see some awesome workflows from some bad monkeys, Andreas and Marcello. 

After the monkey business we were shown some excel awesomeness from Nate Miller. One thing I learned, pivot charts rock!

Last but not least was Brian Ringley. He showed some great analysis techniques that I'm sure we will use. But most importantly here's how you weave a list. 

I needed that last week!

Also, this year I have a bunch of my colleagues with me who are learning DynamoBIM from the masters. I'm so proud. 

Well, see you all today for Day[1]

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