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Friday, October 2, 2015

Select #Revit Model Elements by Curve with #DynamoBIM

Have you ever wanted to renumber grids in Revit with Dynamo or do another sequential action just to find out that the elements were created “out of sequence”.

Take a look at the grids below. They were created in the order of the number, which means the element ids are also in this order.

imageIf you know how Dynamo thinks, it will sort these by Element ID. Which is normally a good thing.

imageAfter following a tutorial from William Wong at Case I developed the next custom selection node in Rhythm.

  imageNotice how the element IDs are in a different order? They are in the order of the model line I drew through them!


This is very useful for renumber processes on various categories in Revit. Currently it is tested on walls, grids, rooms, and doors. But it should work on most any model element. 


Check out the video below for some more of it in action and get it on Rhythm.


  1. Hi John, the idea is very good...
    I am testing to number structural framing and structural columns but the node ignores some elements or doesn't order correctly.
    There was error in a simple model line when I was trying to number structural framing.
    If is possible fix this bug, the node will be very useful.
    Thanks a lot and congratulations by your good job.

    1. Email me a sample file and I'll take a look. I haven't tested this on beams. Sixtysecondrevit@gmail.com